I have been fortunate to have Ken as my Growth Point of Contact at Nearpeer. He is an awesome person to work with and has helped me immensely. Ken is an excellent listener and understands my business issues quickly. He offers practical suggestions that have helped me make better decisions. What I appreciate most about Ken is that he goes the extra mile to help. He takes my calls outside of our scheduled meetings and is always available to discuss any business topic. His friendly demeanor also makes the conversations comfortable. Ken challenges me to think differently and shows me a different perspective when I feel stuck. I’m deeply thankful to him for his guidance and support. The only area where I feel I lag is in fundraising and discussing management-level items like cap table and ESOPs with someone other than Ken. However, I am confident that Ken can help me find the right person to speak to about these matters. In terms of our meetings, I think talking twice a month on every alternate week works well for me. It would also be great if I had the flexibility to choose a time that works for me using Ken’s available time slots in his calendly. (ammar

Ken is a super star. We could not imagine our marketing efforts and strategy without Kens help. He is not only helping us with growth but also with product. I wish every Startup team had a Ken as an external advisor. (Shreekant

The growth part has by far been one of the best things about SOSV. Ken has been super supportive and very very helpful. Every call is exciting where we are able to tackle and take on something new. (shershah

Ken’s culture of kindness with accountability has been a healthy take on the normal startup culture. Ken’s ability to quickly grasp a situation and provide insight, counter examples, play devil’s advocate and also problem solve the hardest problems is extremely useful. 

He is adept at holding you at your word and being extremely focused on how to problem solve the problems of today to get to the best possible future.

It’s been a pleasure working with Ken, I believe other Orbit Startup companies would benefit from his involvement. (nash

Kenneth is providing guidance and support to help us achieve our growth goals. This might involve providing advice on business strategy.
The data culture improving every day in Smartbite, and part of this small achievement is because we consult with Kenneth. (Donatello

Ken has been an amazing mentor on growth, as well as on product strategy, for Sketchnote. His advice is always on point and no-nonsense. Most importantly, he has helped us to prioritise and think more clearly about our ICP. Finally, Ken goes the extra mile to provide advice and support, going deep into operational details, and always does it with an optimistic as well as professional attitude. We couldn’t be happier to have him mentor us. (julio

We have received valuable help on multiple topics from our growth point of contact, including clarification of sales funnel stages and processes in every stage, support on developing sales scorecard, supervision on proper execution of OKRs and conducting experiments, providing valuable feedback on growth strategy and providing any other necessary support. (kseniia

He has helped a lot across different areas of Pricepally as a business (luther

Ken help us to know how to analyze everything with data and make right decision. (alice

Ken has Been very helpful in terms of how to measure the productivity of the sales team, Unit economics, OKRs, Customer surveys, a team management. (Lgomez