Is getting a technical cofounder still necessary? & my 2 cents

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if your business is reliant on tech software innovation, then i’d say a tech cofounder is essential, AI and low code are not effective alternatives at the time, and i think it would be naive to believe these technologies can replace an experienced tech cofounder at this state.

first theres domain expertise and credibility, next there management of the engineering workforce, followed by architecting the hardware and backend, then finally having a vision of the overall product and the engineering required. lastly technical compliance requirements eg. GDPR, user data privacy

so, your comment about not needing a tech cofounder, would be comparable to saying you don’t need any building experience to refurbish a property, depending on the complexity you’re kind of right, but for the kind of company that thrives off the back of venture capital, typically you expect millions of users globally, using the builder analogy, that would be like saying you dont need engineers to build a sky scraper because you can just google it.

next, Investors DONT want ownership dilution, dilution is a consequence of additional funding coming into the business, where typically investors dont what their share diluted, investors DONT want to take control, they are investors, not operators, but they do want influence, hence board seats.

Is getting a technical cofounder still necessary? & my 2 cents
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