Considering walking away from being a founder

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No matter what decision you make, its the right one for right now. and if you find, later down the line, its not the right decision, you can always change it.

your initial startup success suggests you are very capable. maybe the question to consider isn’t so much ‘do i wanna grab that live wire again’, but more, whats the up-side? what would make it worth it.

having been from a family of entrepreneurs, and working in an accelerator where i advise a portfolio of 50+ companies, i can say that entrepreneurism really is something thats part of a persons persona, meaning that once they have that spark in them, no matter what they do, that spark shows, and for the most part it affected their ability to be good employees (especially mid/low level drones)

anyways, TL;DR, make a choice, commit to it, and find out, if it doesn’t work out, you can always switch, trust yourself and your abilities, and focus on the most interesting problems you enjoy solving.

Considering walking away from being a founder
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