Building a social bowling alley

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Research the development cost of the software, then the hardware and location costs, then see if you want make it financially viable

When you think you’ve managed to get the numbers squared. Plan out you “games” on paper and go to your local bowling ally on a Saturday night; offer to buy a round of games for a few groups on the condition they follow your “games” – at the end get their feedback and ask them what they would pay

Next, put up some promotions where ppl can sign up and you can be “game master” doing it manually but this time charging for it, again get feedback… assuming it’s positive then you can go forward with trying to find someone willing to build out the software and, if you’re lucky finding a bowling ally willing to let you calibrate 1 lane a week for your experiment… if successful then you’ll have more options on what to do next

Building a social bowling alley
by inEntrepreneur

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