Traffic, no sales.

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ok, so i had a look, now i’m no fashionista, so please take this with a pinch of salt and treat it purely as a business comment, without the context of the value of art.

i suspect the challenge you’re having is you’re pricing too high, at the end of the day tshirts, and hoodies would be cheaper from H&M, so, we can add a premium for it being Vegan, and we can even add an additional premium for design.

but the challenge of design is that thats very subjective and conditional on perceived value and popularity.

so. with that out of the way. i suggest you can consider the following –

1. do a 1 week firesale that you promote, ‘1 week only 65% off” (whatever you can afford) – this is aimed at seeing if ‘rock-bottoming the price point’ will trigger purchase – if you get sales, then it confirms the price is the issue and you will need to either lower the price, or figure out how to increase the perceived value. if you still dont get any sales, then the issue is brand awareness, and possibly even design
2. i think regardless if you do item 1, you need to associate your brand with influencers and even minor celebs, something that allows your brand to associate with a personal or style or community. consider setting up an affiliate program and have these influencers use that to promote your brand.

i appreciate suggesting to lower the price isn’t what you want to here and may devalue your work and brand, but doing the experiment will help you find the truth behind the lack of purchasing.

Traffic, no sales.
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