Seeking Advice: Growth Hacking Strategies for a New Consumer Travel Service

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have you successfully manage to get 10 users to pay for it?

its reasonable to want to jump to do growth, but with the startups i work with (i work at a VC accelerator, handling a portfolio of 50 companies whom i advice on business and growth) – often what i’ve observed is as the company starts to have a viable working beta product they immediately want to start turning on the tap and getting lots and lots of users and awareness.

often these companies have great functioning product, but can some times miss the utility of the product to the user or miss the value the user perceives in the product – you might have the most amazing 5 wheel car which drifts perfectly but how many people and for what reason do they need a 5 wheel car?

so in your case –

1. how many people want to order directly with a hotel?
2. is the deal going to be better than going through []( or an aggregator?
3. is the saving made worth the additional time an effort to negotiate?
4. is the alternative of negotiating manually that much more painful that using (and paying) for a solution is the better alternative?

so, to verify this, get 10 paying customers – if you can hit that then you can have some confidence you have a level of PMF, then aim for 100 paying customers. when you get to 200, thats when you can really start thinking about growth.

Seeking Advice: Growth Hacking Strategies for a New Consumer Travel Service
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