Is the ‘Hustle Culture’ just a glorified Pyramid Scheme?

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If hard work was the only variable directly correlated with success and wealth, why are street cleaners, fisherman and other laborers not multi-millionaires; they can certainly outwork any of us.

So this alone disproves working hard as the only perimeter.

On the other hand the correlation between charisma, who you know, your family background and race all have far higher correlation to “success”

I used to be a COO, and if I saw ppl working late it would tell me they’re either over worked (and the system was assigning them too much work) or they were struggling (and were unable to meet the standard for the position), I would have estimates on the workloads in my financial operating model which would tell me things like the estimated targets and relative averages of how many clients and client hours per client manager for example.

I think unless you’re a shareholder in a business, it’s ultimately just a job, working harder doesn’t increase any reward for you, where as for a shareholder there is a correlation, but even then, some things just take time, you can’t make a baby in one month by getting 9 women pregnant.

Is the ‘Hustle Culture’ just a glorified Pyramid Scheme?
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