I built it, they came, and that’s why I failed

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Building something cool doesn’t make it a business.

i’ve been thinking about this for the companies that i advice (i work for a VC with an accelerator, i help the companies post-investment on building their business)

I think people need to think of their business on 3 levels –

1. the product of the business
2. the business of the business
3. the value of the business

you’ll usually see tech founders being very good at 1, sales founders being very good at 3, but i dont often see founders who focus on 2. reading your reflections it seems like a gap in 2, looking at the actual business itself, what if the flywheel of value that generates compounding value.

i think your email business is very cool, theres inherent value in the asset of the domains you own. but there’s no clear monitization path other than charging for email storage or routing. but i think if you keep thinking about it, you’ll find something! keep at it!

I built it, they came, and that’s why I failed
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