How important is idea?

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You’ll often encounter conflicting information. That’s just par for course.
There context to this that needs to also be taken into account

For example if the idea is deeply rooted in a domain that requires high expertise and is still fundamentally new, you might typically find that the founders have spent years studying this field before even starting a startup, eg lots in biotech and AI

On the other hand you might find a lot of “applied” ideas such as the kind that are “the X forY” ( eg Uber for gym instructors) – you might find they aren’t very “deep” and so there’s more competition, but also the idea may be less refined so then we’d expect more pivots

Ultimately one shouldn’t think of pivots as something you *should* do, but rather a byproduct of deeper understanding of what the customer needs, you’re not a ballerina, the intent isn’t to pivot your way to success, but rather to accept that in order to success some pivoting may be required

Regardless I think we can all agree the buck stops with execution. Ultimately whether you pivot or not, if you don’t execute it doesn’t matter

How important is idea?
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