Entrepreneurship Course difficulties

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Can you share what you started with?

Sounds like you focused on big economic/ world/ country / city problems.

Try refine to personal problems that you encounter on a really frequent basis that irritate you – the kind of problem where you know someone can come up with a solution, and you’d buy it.

So it would be really easy for example to say look at “world hunger” – avoid those ones

Instead look at issue like “damn every time I go shopping forget to buy toilet roll, if only someone would just give me a subscription delivery of TP”

So look at smaller problems on a human level if you get my meaning.

5whys is a Toyota investigation tool, aimed at getting to the root underlying cause of the issue. It’s a tool, you use it as you see fit as an aid to help you think through the problem eg with the toilet paper example

Why do you forget your toilet paper
– I got too many things on my list and I’m dealing with my kid at the same time in the supermarket
Why do you feel the need to juggle so many things whilst shopping
– I don’t have time help or money to support me on shopping or kid caring so I have to do it myself
Why don’t you have time?
– I work 2 jobs and shop between whilst my husband is at work as well
Why is that the only time slot you can pick?
– on all other free time ether the shop isn’t open or I need a break from work and chores

So my doing this kind of interview you widen some of the solutions –
1. Could we change the opening time?
2 could the shop provide a play area
3 could you you do a order and collect service
4 could you make the shopping experience more relaxing or enjoyable in some way, less stressful

Entrepreneurship Course difficulties
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