Biggest Mistakes first-time founders make?

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1 – being woo’d by charisma- confidence is not competence – and the last thing you want on your team are big talkers who differ action; you want people who have proven track record of performance at the coal face themselves personally.
2 – making assumptions, some times without even realizing it. Aim to validate all assumptions as you progress, each validated assumption increase the odds of success
3 – build it and they will come – similar to the above, verify if what you ar working is really well and truly what people want and need
4 – related avoid feature-itis – more is not better, better is better
5 – being too trusting and always seeing the best most optimistic outcome on situations and others – aim for success prepare for failure, and you never really want to trust people too much until they’ve earned it
6 – distinguishing between metrics that move the business and vanity metrics – Every one in the company should be working and measure on how effectively they move the metrics that will move the business, make sure you scrutinize those who hide being vanity metrics

Biggest Mistakes first-time founders make?
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