What should I budget for a really good investor pitch deck

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The content matters far more than the design (obviously it can’t look crap)

I work at a VC with an accelerator attached, we push 10 companies every half year. Key tips
1 ycombinator has a great format for a pitch deck you can find it free online
2 1 point per slide
3 no more than 10 words per slide, don’t go smaller than 20 font size
4 graphs and real numbers
5 pace your story telling

Make sure you have a robust financial model. At our last demo day I was talking to another VC and we both agreed we could pretty much tell everything we need to know about the business from the financial model, we could theoretically bypass the pitch deck – so I interpret that to mean the pitch deck is more like a fly to attract me to ask for the financial model.

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