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1. for your phone – route it to a receptionist, implement a triage that allows the receptionist to screen the calls and prioritise for you
2. time block your calendar, give staff access to see your calendar and book time with you, make sure everyone in your organization starts living by their calendar.
3. setup a calendly or booking link for your clients to book your time to discuss things with you
4. leverage your account and client facing team members more, if clients are by-passing the client facing point of contact – either that staff isn’t very good or the client thinks their entitled to more – identify which on a case-by-case basis and deal with it.
5. stop trying to build your own project management software and find something off the shelf – you’re not a Dev house, PM SaaS companies have hundreds of engineers and deep pockets. just get something off the shelf and optimise for your needs – if you need, i can help you with this pro-bono, DM me.

this works, i’ve done and still do it for myself, i have over 50 portcos and take weekly meeting so in any given week i have up to 35 hours of calls on top of any prep work, as well as dozens of the startups that i mentor as part of my portfolio across all sorts of businesses. it will take you about 2 months to feel the change.

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