I’m deciding if I should give up on a startup idea.

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2 years solo, several incumbent larger players. marketplace concept. – might be challenging for someone new to business.

basically, to make this work need to need the suppliers of kinds ‘courses’ – this may be a challenge depending on where you are, if its a small town there may be only a few players, meaning not much value that you can add… you want this side of the market place to be extremely fragmented.

next, you have a location issue, ppl dont want to travel too far, so even if you have 1000s of vendors, people will only choose from the cluster around their vicinity, which could be extremely small, we can also assume that those local vendors will market directly in the local area.

you also need to factor segmentation for age, gender, interest which further narrows your supply pool.

lastly, the parents – in a given area at a given time, this number is likely to be quite flat, its not like year 1 theres 3 family and then suddenly a baby boom happens and you’ll have like 50 families appear – so this presents a growth problem in the business

finally, once the parent has settled on a selection of activities for the kid, they are unlikely to change for longer times

so these factors all need to be considered in terms of determining the adoption, and revenue potential of the business

I’m deciding if I should give up on a startup idea.
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