Investor Fatigue

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re: invest in only an idea, i know the fund has, from time to time, typically the founder(s) had previous exits. // (unrelated) i know that hardtech, bio and deeptech tend to be more comfortable investing in ‘potential’ – but i’m on the software side, i should point out, i help with Due Diligence, but i’m primarily focused on post-investment business support, so i cant speak too much on the nuance of how the GPs and investment committee screen.

for me, it seems reasonable to expect either 100 users or 200MRR if you’re just out of MVP, like consumer or b2b software doesn’t particuarly require “research grants” (disguised as pre-seed investment) if you get my mean, and if they did, i’d probably lump them more in the catagory of deep tech; just my POV, i’ve no idea if thats reasonable or not.

Investor Fatigue
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