How can a entrepreneur see a opportunity ?

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actively look out stuff that ppl get pissed off about.

literally, anything that makes people rage. if you can solve that, and we assume its a big enough problem, ppl will pay for you to deal with it for them (either manually, or automatically) – simplest example (tho not startup) – ppl hate cleaning – thats why we have cleaners, i know its facetious, but its literally like that.

another more ‘startup’ example – Antler has a startup they invested in that deals with immigration issues for people travelling, seeking asylum, migrating to, working visa etc for only Australia because Australia’s immigration for certain people is a ballache.

so yeah… if you can solve whatever causes the kind of rage in people that they bash-type angry complaints on the internet about, you’ve probably found an idea that someone will pay you to solve.

which is separate from 1. actually being about solve it, and 2. actually being able to make enough off of solving it to live off – but thats a different issue for a different post.

How can a entrepreneur see a opportunity ?
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