Studying Business Management?

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I graduated with a 2:2 in graphic design. I ended up being a multi-time COO, angel investor and now work in VC, I managed to run businesses of 60, 120 and 40 ppl, i now advise over 50 companies primarily on business and growth and marketing.
The last time I touched photoshop was at uni, and I didn’t product UX in PowerPoint at one point.

I went up the ladder though luck, chasing opportunities and finding bosses who would give me a chance.

I tried and still try to fill the gaps in my learning via a subscription to coursera, attending talks and trying to network with ppl that I want to learn from.

I would be a huge advantage for me to get an MBA, but I feel that evidence of applied success counts more – I was lucky to be in management for 3 mergers, COO for two of them, so far that’s been a huge blessing for me.

Bottom line is try to position yourself in companies and with leaders that will give you these kind of chances.

Studying Business Management?
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