I am so tired of the “co-founder hunting” BS!!

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Some red flags that might be putting off potential cofounders. I appreciate you’re frustrated and these may the result of that frustration, but I know I’d be frighted off by them-

1- “it was all them not me”
2- “finish an MVP in 2 weeks”
3- (does not have) 6+ years experience
4-“ my profile is perfect”
5- studying genZ behaviour around the world for a whole year
6- “Build the mvp quickly”

7-finally the idea is basically buzzfeeds

Why do these things scare me, it feels like this would not be someone who understand the complexities of development, and doesn’t appreciate deep research (there are ppl who have spent decades studying generational culture, anthropology, to claim the be a global expert after 1 year suggests a degree of dunning Kruger)

Just my opinion.

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