How Do You Manage Work-Life Balance as an Entrepreneur?

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Firstly I don’t think it truly exists for entrepreneurs working on the right projects, like it becomes all consuming and a bit of an obsession, work doesn’t feel like work it feels like pursuing a passion, my work is advising businesses yet here I am in my own time on a Sunday doing the same.

But practically I live by my calendar, everything including hobby and family time is time blocked religiously.

I’ve also optimised things like (I know it’s about small and stupid but for me it was like solving a puzzle I’ve been working on for years) –
How to get her maximum number of gym sessions in- I switched from evening time M-W-F or T-T-S to F-S-S-M – why? Because ppl rarely work late on a Friday or a Monday so I’m guaranteed at least 3 workouts a week

I use calendly a lot for other people to book meetings and saves me having to do Email ping pong to find a suitable meeting time. I also have a pomodoro timer for meetings and focus time so I finish fast and lastly if I’m focusing I play alpha wave audio to help me focus.

How Do You Manage Work-Life Balance as an Entrepreneur?
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