Ways to make a strategy for marketing.

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(former 4A marketing exec, marketing agency COO and now growth lead at a VC – i did this kind of work below supporting a several multi-national brands in fashion and FMCG, end-to-end planning and coordinating most steps of what i describe below, so note this is more like a big budget annual campaign approach, but i think the exercise is still useful even for a startup)

(assuming the product is legit good, we’ll skip that part)
1. if you haven’t already – identify the target audience – demographically as well as social/interest based analysis – we want to really understand who they are, what makes them tick, what challenges they face in the life stage, what are their worries and concerns and stresses. do INTERVIEWS!!!!!!

2. we then want to model a ‘day in their life’, this is an exercise in trying to understand what they are doing, and where they are doing it, so that we can determine what advertising media we can leverage to push the right message at the right time in the right place to the right person.

3. we then map the message, and the media options using the first two steps. at this stage we also estimate the budgets and KPIs and expected results – this step is the longest and most important as its basically a budgeting and planning step that covers several months of future plans and targets, we take into account key dates and brand messages (like a new product release)

4. at this point we spit into the creative side and the media side

the creative side focus on ensuring the right message and design – step 1 is important for this since an emotionally engaging message is effective

the media side focuses on buying the right media, what billboard placements, which cinemas and which movies in the cinema on what day, which influencers publishing frequency, day of week time of day etc. which keywords, bidding strategy ad copy variations, landing pages etc etc

i could go on, and go into deeper detail on each of these steps, but hopefully this gives some ideas

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