Not sure how to reinvest profit to scale the business

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So, what you need to do is analyse your business

create a financial model that describes the ‘flow of value’ through your business, think of a sales funnel and how each step in the funnel shows drop off and affects the data of the following step. (google AARRR Funnel and Fin Op Model for more information)

so what you want to do is look at the data for each section (department) of your business and think about where inefficiency exists, this will help you ‘trace back’ where in the business that ‘flat line’ is occurring, and give you a clue which steps need to be optimised in order to grow.

once you’ve identified these ‘blocker’ steps, then you can think of ideas for how to influence them, and analyse what the effective deployment of your 15k should be. If you’ve built your financial model right, you will also have formulas that will indicate the improvement that investing that 15k will bring

you say that your marketing efforts are maxed out – can you elaborate more what you mean here? – are you suggesting that there are no new customers in your segment that you can reach?

assuming this is the case, target adjacent target groups would be important

additionally, ensure that your renewal is as high as possible (reduce churn)

and attempt to find things that you can upsell

finally, you say you sell internationally, it would be reasonable to assume you’re not ‘maxed out’ in every country, so focusing on each country to see how much more you can gain would also be something to consider.

Not sure how to reinvest profit to scale the business
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