How important has “building relationships with people” been to your success?

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absolutely crucial, at every stage and with all sides.

when i first started working, relationship with my was key, showing i could learn, would work hard and just be a good employee

as i started to get more client facing, show clients i was dependable and able to help them; showing suppliers i would also help them

then as partnership became important, showing i could come to good agreements.

finally now, with the companies i help and students and colleagues and subordinates, everything is down to the art of persuasion, and trust and integrity

i’m naturally an introvert so socialising is really draining, but this is still something i have to force myself to do since it allows for so much opportunity, its not just about who you know, but how you can help them, and how you can earn their trust by being dependable and trustworthy, once those relationships are fostered, sometimes things can just happen with a few phone calls.

i once closed a deal worth around 5mil over a 30min coffee, simply because someone who trusted me referred me to a client.

the job i have now, is a direct result that i worked for the same boss previously, and back then, the only reason he hired me was because he’d heard i was doing good things from someone else.

How important has “building relationships with people” been to your success?
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