What would be the best form of advertisement?

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basically the value add you can bring i assume is cheap hosting costs and service as a webdseigner right?

so trying to find groups on people starting their own business would be a good first place to start.

focus on trying to identify who your ideal customer is, then you can figure out where they cluster, then use that as a way to target them.

for example, lets say your main customers are companies near you where having a website is useful, but not critical to their business, they need it for web-presence, but not for anything more sophisticated, e.g. the local cafe or mechanics, the local plumber, go on google maps or walk the street and speak to them.

basically, you would research their current web presence, you should be able to find out who their hosting provider is, then you can use that information to give them a better offer, e.g. if you’re hosting with go-daddy, and you know go-daddy’s prices, you can give them a better rate, and help them migrate to your servers.

What would be the best form of advertisement?
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