The difference between scrum, agile and lean six sigma

I recently complete part 1 of the google project management course, what I found interesting was that the project managers were trained in a variety of methods – scrum, agile, lean six sigma, waterfall, and so forth.

These were seen as tools to be applied in the appropriate project rather than entirely separate schools of approach to be used exclusively. In retrospect, it seems totally obvious.

Lean Six sigma was applied for high risk, complex projects, where tight controls are required.

Waterfall was applied for very predictable linear progression with clearly defined tasks projects where a high level of reliability is needed. Any changes would be very expensive.

Agile focus on projects that are very incremental and interactive, lending itself to projects where the outcomes may not be fully understood at the beginning of the project and information from previous steps informs subsequent steps, it also allows for a non-linear approach to managing a project, allowing several elements to be worked on simultaneously.

Scrum works in compliment with agile as a way of supporting the management of agile projects. where decisions are based on observation, experience and experimentation.

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