Google project initiation criteria

Google project managers cover the following criteria during project initiation –

Goals – what is the aimed outcome of the project

Scope – what are the parameters of the project, what should it focus on, what should it avoid

Deliverables – what is the ultimate ‘thing’ the stakeholders what to receive and what should it do.

Success Criteria – how will stakeholders assess the success of the ‘thing’

Stakeholders – who will be affected by the ‘thing’ and ultimately have a say in its success

Resources – what assets do we have at our disposal to support the completion of the project

They use this to help outline a project charter, that helps with both the assessment of cost benefit analysis and to help guide projects.

Goals are assessed using SMART criteria –

  • Specific: The objective has no ambiguity for the project team to misinterpret. 
  • Measurable: Metrics help the project team determine when the objective is met.
  • Attainable: The project team agrees the objective is realistic.
  • Relevant: The goal fits the organization’s strategic plan and supports the project charter.
  • Time-bound: The project team documents a date to achieve the goal.

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