Learning Pyramid

Knowledge retention increases with each stage:


Reading – 10%

Audiovisual 20%

Demonstration 30%

Discussion 50%

Practice Doing 75%

Teach others 100%

Richard Feynman style of learning Feynman Technique (Feynman Technique ) two core principles of the learning framework:
1. Teaching: Teaching the newly learned material, with a specific focus on simple language.

2. Iteration: Using the teaching process to expose gaps in knowledge and then iterating on the study workflow to fill those gaps. 

This can be evolved into a three-step learning model is as follows: 

  1. Read & Research – Start with broad research (horizontal research), across a topic, then go vertically (vertical research) into aspects of the topic in-depth 
  2. Teach – teaching should force you to distill and synthesize your learnings for someone who is uninitiated on the topic. It also creates a structured feedback loop.
  3. Assess & Iterate – through teaching you self-assess – reflect on the questions asked by the students to highlight the gaps in your knowledge.
    Iterate on the process to close those knowledge gaps.
    • Were you prepared to respond to the questions? 
    • Were there specific areas that were exposed as gaps? 
    • Were there areas of your explanation that felt jargon-heavy? How could you have further simplified the 
    • language? 
    • When did the person appear confused? When did you get frustrated? 

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