AIM- audience intent message

One of the challenges is that you have to report to groups of people where one group are high level thinkers not needing detail and the other group are detailed thinkers needing lots of detail. Preparing for one group means negatively affecting the needs of the other.

First, you need to consolidate your thoughts into the AIM frame work

  1. Who is the Audience
  2. What is your intent in sending/ presenting this message – what do you want to achieve
  3. How can you effectively structure your message for the desired impact.

To the last point on message, an effective solution for emails or memos – separate the memo with a visible delineation between a top level summary at the top and a granular detailed appendix below. Similarly for a presentation allocate the first 3 slides for detail and provide more detail in subsequent slides. – Reforge Director Roles are the Worst at Any Company – Managing Up Hot Takes

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