I was reading a linkedin post about a guy bringing in 13mil a year with super basic tech – he’d formed a company called Digital Inspiration that focused on building niche plugins for google apps like gmail and google docs, and had enterprise customers like Disney and Uber – its basically a one man operation where the business builds microproducts such as one called “mail merge with attachments” – all this product does is allow you to send 100 emails with a single click, with each one personalised. So far the tiny company as 13 apps. 

This shows, you don’t need some amazing sophisticated product, sometimes its just about building something well, that perfectly solves a problem. 

The Product doesn’t need to be a feature-salad. Can be very simple single feature e.g. “Mail Merge w/Attachments” plugin (by Digital Inspirations)- allows you to send 100 emails with a single click with each one personalised.

The single-feature product addresses a very concise and acute problem. It’s simple and cost effective to build.

The problem needs occur frequently enough that the user is willing to continually pay to resolve it. 

You can then expand this to a portfolio of single feature products, then bundle them into a more complete product suite.

you dont need to win big if you win well, since, if you win well, you can win big.

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