Growth Without Engagement is a leaky bucket

You can always buy growth, you can’t buy engagement. Without engagement you’re filling a leaky bucket. To address engagement, you need to understand what triggers need to be ‘hooked’ to develop ‘hook mechanisms’ that help drive engagement.

Not all products need high engagement – eg. Insurance product, in that case maybe strong sales is sufficient – its possible in a 2-sided marketplace that one side doesn’t need the hook engagement mechanics but the other side does.

Community and content can be layered on top of an experience to help drive the hook that indirectly and eventually leads to purchase with high consideration low frequency purchases. 

Hook mechanics more naturally fit with habitual related activities, i.e. those that are impulsive behaviours done with little to no concious thought

4 ways capture competitions users-

  • Greater velocity through the hook cycle
  • Greater frequency through the hook cycle
  • Make the reward more rewarding
  • Make it easier to get into the hook

Product-Led Growth with Nir Eyal | Growth Summit 2021 by Demand Curve

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