Startup Kool-aid

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but startups are not about ideas and hustles, t-shirts and a go-getting Nepolieon Hill level of enthusiasm.

Startups are about money, growth, de-risking assumptions and lots and lots of execution. They are about hours of modelling in spreadsheets, research into understanding customers, and optimising specific data points in user funnels.

Its easy to fall for the Kool-aid of #hustleharder, and think that all you need to have a successful business is a couple of Tony Robbins books and a list of the hottest keywords floating around twitter, and maybe the hipster haircut du-jour. 

Its easy to think that Startups are all about betting on the next big idea, and that vision is what people are paying you for. 

But the reality is that ideas are cheap. Whilst you’ll get some investment by sheer charisma and vision, the reality is that that money is the noose around your neck, and it’ll start to tighten as the deadlines for delivery get closer.

The reality is that the startups that ultimately success are the ones that treat this game as what it is. A serious one, with real money and big stakes. Not some carnival booth.

And serious games mean serious players, professionals who know how to de-risk assumptions, plan executable strategies and deliver meaningful results. There’s no room for hype, its all about delivering growth results.

So, get used to the new startup #hustleharder – which is full of spreadsheets, models, research and interviews, all aimed at de-risking assumptions, maximising growth and increasing shareholder value. If you’re still thinking about vision and changing the world, maybe its time to change your drink. 

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