Importance of founders focusing on results and strategy

I’ve encountered lots of founders who seem to have fallen into a ‘product trap’, now thats different from saying that these founders are product-led founders, rather, when I use the term ‘falling into the product trap’ more often than not these founders have fallen into a cycle where they seem to think they are disruptive because of their product, and they then start interacting and adding to the product, making an assumption that customers and revenue will ‘just happen’ they start to invest more time, effort and focus on new product features, but generally don’t get much product feedback, instead, product development is led by their ‘pioneering and disruptive vision’ like they’re modelling themselves as some kind of Steve Jobs.

I think its dangerous for a founder to drink too much of their own Kool-aid, yes, we should be proud of our business and product, but ultimately at some point, as a founder your focus needs to shift from what you are passionate and comfortable with, the glamorous part of startup life (product) and focus on the harder parts, the parts that will actually make your business a success, managing risks, ensuring the right strategy for growth and fundraising, hiring the right talent, determining and working towards the right business metrics and generating revenue and growth.

The time and opportunity to work on product is a reward for doing all the hard work of running the business. After the initial stage of launching the product, running the business is the priority for the founder, not developing the product. 

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