The tools are not the process

There’s been a glut of tools, ironic for someone like me who works in the VC space to be making this comment since we’re the cause of these companies growing – you’ll see it, there’s plenty of hubspots, salesforce and bamboo HRs out there, virtually every aspect of our working process has a tool that claims to be the magic bullet to efficiency and exponential growth for any subscribing company, and all for a monthly fee.

This all sound great, buy more tools, and you’re business will just magically start working like an amazing startup… just look at our extensive list of startups that use our software and are exactly where you want to be.

But the reality is all these software solutions are just tools, and whilst most of them are great and provide tons of functionality… they are only as useful as you are able to implement, organise, and get the team to use them. 

If you think that simply getting a software will solve all of your teams management and process issues, then you’re sorely mistaken, in fact, adding a tool to a messy team might make things worse, at best the tool will become an expensive white elephant, at worst, it’ll develop into a messy infrastructure that your company relies on so much that its too expensive and time consuming to extract and will forever be a tax to your business.

Its therefore important to understand that all these technologies are tools, they are simply there to support your organisational process and management, not replace it. 

It makes more sense to have a clear idea of the process and find the suitable tools that fit into your unique management process, rather than lean against a tool to provide you with a process.

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