Casetify spam or growth hacking

I’ve been tortured, as i was with Grammerly ads, by Casetify ads on facebook and instagram, its been frustrating to say the least, firstly i don’t care about phone cases. But i’ve also ‘hidden’ the ads more than a few times, which is a function that facebook and instagram provide, the assumption is that once you’ve hidden the ad, the account for that ad is restricted from presenting further ads to you. Except in the case of Casetify, they’ve managed to get around this, and it is evil is its originality as i’ve not seen other brands take the same approach (at least not ones that have been targeting me)

i suspect its an affiliate type relationship, with the addition that the affiliate (or influencer) customise their own collection of cases, whats clear is that theres also a template for what to include in any posts made via instagram and facebook including what has tags to use, ad formats and photography.

The result is a marketing approach that makes casetify ‘unblockable’ whilst shifting lots of the risks on to the partners (in this case the affiliate or influencer) – casetify benefits from increased reach, not being able to be blocked since its not their account promoting, and sales. But the influencer takes the risk of getting blocked (by exasperated users like me who are just blanket blocking and reporting as spam any account promoting casetify), and likely they don’t even get paid, despite all efforts to align with whatever branding guidelines provided, since it’s likely these are all affiliate deals.

i would be genius if it wasn’t so spammy.

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