Squeeze landing pages, SEO and Conversion results

One of the pivotal shifts in the internet, and really, in my opinion, the point in internet history between where the internet was an academic tool and became a pervasive part of our culture was the creation of search engines.

These online maps allowed us to make sense of the trillions of pages of content out there and allow us to find what we were looking for. Pivotal to that was the value of keywords… without a fundamental understanding of keywords search and therefore consumer internet wouldn’t have been possible.

More interestingly, even today in the year 2021, the keyword still persists as a critical linchpin in how we navigate the internet. Marketers and growth hackers have been optimising keywords now for over a decade, generally we think of keyword optimisation as falling under the art and science of SEO, but the reality is this is important enough that most peopled in marketing in any organisation need to have a better understanding of this. Ultimately keywords allow you to get found.

It stands to reason, then that we should be using Keyword selection to segment our audience by their needs, then developing relevant landing pages filled with the keyword relevant content pertaining to the keywords they were searching for. Whilst this is par-for-course for most SEO professionals, I think its important that we highlight this to non- marketing people. 

Since all landing pages are designed to support the needs of a person coming from a specific set of keywords, we already have some idea of what information they seek, therefore we can design these pages to meet the unique questions and needs of that profile of customer coming from that group of keywords. If a landing page is designed to convert (deliver leads for example) then we should be considering the leakage from a specific landing page, we want to reduce distractions and options for the customer to click-away from the page, we want maximise the touch points that trigger a desired action, and we want to highlight key benefits for the customer, in this way we need to optimise the landing page both in terms of SEO keywords, as well as UX and information presentation.

By optimising these elements, we can use UX design, content, call to actions and keyword relevancy to drive conversion results.

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