A Checklist for Email CRM Optimisation

This isn’t an extensive list, but should serve as a quite checklist of things to consider optimising for email CRM, use this a list of prompts of aspects or factors to consider as you start to launch email CRM efforts.

  1. what is the unsubscribe rate of each email are certain types of emails, or certain days/times, or certain list segments showing unusual unsubscribe rate patterns; how are the patterns showing on a week on week, month on month pattern?
  2. Non-response rates
  3. auto-replies, bounced emails
  4. spam-tagged – how many tag you as spam
  5. How do you manage responses and non-responses to emails
    1. what is the follow up email process and conditions
    2. if the contact responses, what is the process and procedure
  6. How do you reduce the steps in the email cycle to get to the key action as quickly as possible, how do you remove unnessary steps
  7. What is the inbound response funnel, how do emails fit into the process, what are the automation conditions
  8. consider blocking – email address and generic email addresses (e.g. or

Checklist for setting up an Email CRM Optimisation cycle:

  1. map out the funnel and the different choice paths
  2. for each path map out the email engagement sequence and steps and ultimate goal.
  3. for sequences, consider –
    1. the number of emails to send
    2. time time between each email
    3. the key goal in each email
    4. the content of the email
    5. the title for the email
    6. the time of day and day of week to send the email
    7. the actions to take if someone responds to the email
    8. the actions to take if someone unsubscribes to the email
    9. the actions to take if someone ‘tags spam’ to the email
    10. *note the actions could be to the user, the database, or even actions the team should do internally
    11. any incentives, landing pages and data collection needs

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